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Hi All,
I have my case under review with NVC.
Today I got a message to upload SSN statement to prove that I have earned 40 credits. Reason for this is, I have applied for AOS exemption because I DO HAVE 40 credits already.
Now I have uploaded it under Additional AOS supporting Documents section. But for one of previously submitted document (Tax Transcript of my daughter in USA) it is saying "REJECTED".
Any reason for this?
My guess is, since I am applying for exemption, her tax transcripts are NOT NEEDED.
Is this correct assumption?
Also, after uploading the SSN statement, it is saying UPLOADED, but I am unable to click Submit Document button. Nothing happens after that.
Is this normal? Meaning, after just uploading document will NVC consider it for review?
Or I need to delete REJECTED document and replace it with SSN Statement? and then click Submit Document button?
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