Dropbox appointment for H1B visa stamping in India, but used old I-797 to make appointment

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I was approved for a H1B visa from 2020-2023. Let's say the receipt number is LIN1233456789. I haven't been able to visit India since 2020. In Sept 2022, I setup a dropbox appointment to get a visa stamp on my passport. My appointment date was set to March 2023.

In Oct 2022, I changed my work location. Same company, same visa timeline (2020-2023) but changed my work location from New York to Chicago. The lawyers applied for a H1B amendment and it was a approved a few weeks later. I now have a new I-797 receipt number (example: IOE123456789).

My question is this: Can I still use my old appointment (created with receipt number LIN1233456789) for this situation? Or do I have to create a new appointment with the new receipt number?

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