Received Traffic Citation as DL was cancelled in error

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During a traffic stop, I was cited for driving with a cancelled license. I am due to appear at Mayor's court next month. 
I contacted DL and they reinstated my DL, and looks like it was incorrectly cancelled as I have two more years until expiry. 

I will explain in court what happened and how I was unaware of such an error. But would this citation be tied to me forever or would this go off completely once Mayor believes it was indeed an error from License bureau?

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This reply comes a bit late. Not sure if you are done with your case.

Any professionally managed Organization should have sent the consumer (you in this case) a written letter giving reasons why your DL was cancelled. If they had sent and it was lost in transit then the responsibility is on them to prove they sent it to you. On the other hand if you received it by post after signing upon delivery then the responsibility is yours.  It does not look like this is the case.

You have not indicated how you came to know it was incorrectly cancelled. If you called them to find out it is a mistake. Matters like this must be put in writing and you must have evidence. Even now it is not late. Send them a letter enclosing a copy of your citation and Black and White copy of your DL and SEND IT WITH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT (Signature required). Keep a copy of the letter and the receipt.

Wait for 30 days to hear from them. They must reply in writing. Do not give them your phone number (and do not take calls , even if they have your Tel. No).  If they call you and leave VM , record it and retain a copy of it somewhere.  If they ask you to reply in their VM reply so indicating the date , time , content of their VM.

Take the evidence to court. One cannot be punished for someone else's mistake.


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