Multiple 797s between the last stamped visa and current 797


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Here are the list of 797s I have. Visa stamping issued date, Jun, 2018. With drop box stamping in April, 2023.

1. Base 797, valid till Sep, 2020. Which I couldn’t travel

2. Initial 797 displayed of visa stamping, valid till March, 2020

3. After sometime, there was a new 797 with location change. Validity reduced to May, 2019

4. Later with extension, received new 797 valid till Aug, 2019

5. One more extension, received new 797, valid till Aug, 2020

6. Later with another extension, received new 797, valid till Oct, 2023

7. Later due to change of end client received new 797, valid till Oct, 2023

8. Recently last year I did changed my employer & H1B transfer there was a new 797, valid till Oct, 2024

9. Now I will be receiving new 797 due to change in location same employer. Valid till Oct, 2024

However in my appointment confirmation page, where it says “Photocopy of previous I-797 (only if the last visa in  the passport and current petition have a gap of more than one year) (applicable for H1”. I’m bit confused with this, what are all 797s I will be asked to submit? Yes there is a gap of more than 1 year from stamped visa 797 and current petition, but I have many 797s in between.

Request your response. Thank you so much!

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