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I need help/suggestions regarding my application.

I got the DS-160 for my wife. Next, I was trying to use the same email address as mine on to pay the visa fee and schedule an appointment as I had her as a dependent on my email account when we both applied for a visa 5 years ago. 

However, it would not let me remove myself from the fee payment step 8. The support desk team told me to remove my wife from my account and create a new one for her from an email address that had never been used before in the system. When I did so, and opened another account on for my wife with her newly made email address, the system prompted me with an error that there was a duplication of her info. with my old account. The support team told me to upload a copy of my wife's passport to the new account and this prompted me with the message to merge the old profile into the new one. I was also told to wait for 24 business hours.

Fast forward to 24 business hours later, we logged in to my wife's new account and clicked on New Appointment. Then on step 1, we clicked on non-immigrant visa and clicked submit, however, the system took us back to the main screen and won't proceed to step 2. Please help me to resolve this issue as the support desk has been of no help. Each time this happens they tell me to make a new email and repeat the entire process, but the outcome is the same.

Have been on this since a month now.

Any Help is much appreciated!


Step 1.PNG

main screen.PNG

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