Regarding Dropbox Eligibility For Family - H1B and H4

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Hi friends,

I am in process for booking Dropbox appointment for my family.

One of the question in process asks while scheduling is, "if you have ever been refused visa", now I have never been refused a visa any time but my wife once had issues with her H1(Now on H4) and got 221g. This happened 7 Years ago. Since then she is on H4

I am not clear if my answer should be yes/no as I am booking a the appointment as primary.

Was wondering if it will create problems ? If I answer Yes(as I was never refused). Also I got to know that 221g is not considered refusal and more of a request for new information

Should we be booking appointments separately? or combined booking is fine?

Thanks 🙏🏼

Sameer Varpe

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