I am an F-1 student enrolled in a STEM degree and am looking to start my own company. What do I need to be aware of from an immigration perspective?

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These are questions for an immigration lawyer. I am surprised that you are one of the co-founders of a company and are relying on a public forum to make such an important decision. Speak to an immigration lawyer to get the right answers and something which will not impact your current and future status. 

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F-1 students cannot qualify for STEM OPT extensions unless they will be bona fide employees of the employer signing the Form I-983 because F-1 students may not provide employer attestations on their own behalf. However, STEM OPT applicants can participate in a start-up or small business so long as all regulatory requirements are met. The employer that signs the Training Plan must be the same entity that employs the student and provides the practical training experience.

Every case is different. Therefore, prior to taking any specific action it is advisable to speak with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney as there are nuances to any situation and approach.  https://www.murthy.com/client-services/hire-us/

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