Does a Position/Role change impact the approved I-140 priority date?

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Hello everyone,

Currently am Principal Software Engineer, and my I-140 is approved with a priority date of 05/08/2017. I am perusing my Masters in Business Management and also looking for Management roles within my company (not outside). If I get promoted to a higher role, do we need to file an amendment for my existing I-140 or any change? If yes, does my approved I-140 priority date change to the newly applied date or it carries the previous priority date (05/08/2017)? Please advise with the complete process and details if any knows about it or especially experienced it, I would like to learn more and proceed further in looking for roles.

My current compensation/role grade: is P4 (Software Engineering)
If I chose the manager position, the grade will be: M5
If I chose, Project Engineer role, my grade will be: P4

Please advise for any changes in the roles like

1) P4 to M5

2) P4 to P4 with just a designation change keeping the grade as same.


Thanks in advance.

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