H4 Visa: One can work on this visa?


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Originally posted by vivek2k7:


My wife has done Phd in Chemistry and to work as she has H4 visa.Can she work.?

---> No, she cannot work on h4.

is their any way to get his visa status change..

---> Yes, find a job and her employer can apply for H1B.

If she want to do Phd again from US, how she can apply for it.

---> She can study in H4 or F1. Contact the college international office for more information.

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One can't work with H4 visa. She has to apply for job and see if any company is ready to sponser her H1 and with H1 she can work here.

Look for Post doc position in University where i have seen University sponsers J1,which is relatively easier for her to get in job.

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