GC expiring soon need to travel to India

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I got my GC in 2012 through my husband's Employer and it is going to expire in Sep 2023. I have plans to travel to India for treatment related things so my stay in India will be longer than 6mths.

My husband is reluctant to start the renewal process so soon but i need to travel by May and do not want to take the risk of losing my legal status here so that there are no issues when i plan to return back.

On these grounds

1. Can i apply for the renewal on my own without my husband and he does it later ? --> Is it ok to go ahead? will it create issues in the renewal??

2. What if i apply for the renewal and travel before my GC gets to me, can i return back after the expiry of the GC?

3. Lastly a weird question --> what if i travel without starting the renewal process? Can i return back with my expired GC??? Will it cause issues???

Please help me with my doubts.. Appreciate it

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If someone has a Green Card, the person can file the I-90 form on their own even if they got the Green Card through a spouse. Furthermore, the I-90 process has a biometrics component that can only be done in the US. If someone will travel they should do so after the biometrics are completed to avoid denial. Furthermore, if someone has a reason that they will be outside of the US for an extended period but a temporary purpose without abandoning their permanent residence in the US, one should generally file an I-131 Application for a Reentry Permit, which is required if someone ends up - even accidentally - being outside the US for 1 year or more. USCIS can generally - if requested on the form - send an approval Reentry Permit to a foreign address. In such circumstances as described here, given the multiple legal issues it is important to speak directly with a lawyer to ensure one is aware of all legal requirements to minimize the possibility of mistakes and to obtain specific legal advice on how to proceed.

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