MRV receipt not activated, 15+ days now


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I paid exact fee and to the correct account number on Dec 20th 2022, it is Jan 06th 2023 today and the MRV receipt is still not activated. I tried calling the US Travel Docs help desk number, all they say is that it has been escalated and no other updates. I made an emergency travel to India as my father in law passed away and will qualify for emergency appointment. But US travel docs say first without booking an appointment, I cannot ask for emergency appointment, I am unable to apply first appointment because I am stuck with MRV receipt not been activated. 


Is there any number or email where I can escalate this issue? 

In case I incur financial loss and loss of academic year for my daughter due to this delay, can I sue travel docs for lack of response?  I understand unavailability of interview dates cannot be argued, but delay in processing of payment can be I believe. 


Note: I tried all combinations to enter a MRV receipt number to see if it is already active, no luck

e.g. if TIER28501999999 is the account number, the receipt number should be 8501999999. I tried this receipt number, it doesnt work. I tried entering UTR number, doesnt work. 

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