Do I need Visa stamping again for my L1A Extension?


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I have my L1A Individual with below dates.

Visa Type: L1
Issue date: 06-Jan-2022
Expiration date: 03-Dec-2024
Annotation: Must Present I-797 AT POE
PED date: 03-Apr-2023
Current I-94 Expiration Date: 03-Apr-2023

My L1A individual extension already filed and approved. I have got L1A individual petition approved from 04-APR-2023 to 03-APR-2025.

Questions: I have personal travel plan to Dubai on Feb 2022 and traveling back in a week to USA.
Can I travel with the existing stamped L1 visa with the current approved individual I-797A and return back to USA or do I need to goto drop box for stamping with new petition?


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On 2/4/2024 at 3:03 PM, Orprasanth said:

Hi Prasaana, 

I'm in the similar situation. May I know, how did you manage this situation and were you able to travel without stamping. 

I am also in similar situation. Can I know how this was handled?


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