H4 Dropbox Administrativr Processing

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My son’s H4 dropbox was in Hyderabad on Nov 17th. On Dec 12th his status online changed to “Refused” and we received an email to appear at the Consulate for fingerprinting on Dec 16th. Since the fingerprinting his status shows “Administrative Processing”. It’s been over 5 weeks now and my son is missing school & at-risk for losing his spot in the school. 

Has anyone had a similar experience? How long can it take after fingerprinting to get the approval? In some forums I see that the approval happens the same day of the fingerprinting. 

Is there anything we can do to help expedite? I’m not sure what else is required from an H4 beyond fingerprinting as the principal applicant’s H1 visa is issued already. 

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated, thank you!

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