Pre-vailing wage and EB2-EB3 dilemma


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I am currently a network engineer with MS degree from US and had 3 years of past experience.

my company lawyer started a process for LC and under job description they mentioned MS+3 or BS+5. With that job requirement my PWD turns out to be level 4.

below is the code:

ou selected the All Industries database for 7/2010 - 6/2011.

Your search returned the following: Print Format

Area Code: 47894

Area Title: Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Division

OES/SOC Code: 15-1081

OES/SOC Title: Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts

Level 1 Wage: $27.37 hour - $56,930 year

Level 2 Wage: $34.43 hour - $71,614 year

Level 3 Wage: $41.50 hour - $86,320 year

Level 4 Wage: $48.56 hour - $101,005 year

GeoLevel: 1

For information on determining the proper occupation and wage level see the new Prevailing Wage Guidance on the Skill Level page.

I am currently around 70k and there is no way my company would jump to 101k.

I also want to file my application under EB2 as I have a masters degree and the job does require that.

What are your suggestions to get the less pre-vailing wage may be level 2 or level 3 and at the same time maintain EB2?

Please help as my lawyer is saying anything less then MS+3 or BS+5 would fall under EB3.

Thanks in advance.

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