DUI with f1 visa

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I have been pulled over and got arrested for dwi. My court appearance is in Jan(still pending with the output). I didn’t receive any email that my visa is revoked. I’ll be applying for opt extension in March. Will the university issue opt i20 for extension??and Will ill be getting an RFE??
can some please help me with the questions I’ll really worried. 

thank you

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US immigration law separates criminal charges into two groups. The first group deals with inadmissibility and the second group deals with removability. Crimes of inadmissibility would cause issues with changing or extending status as well as attempting to enter the US. Crimes of removability would cause the government to seek to expel you from the country. Fortunately, a simple DUI is generally not considered part of either of those two groups. If you were also charged with a different offense, or if a different offense was included in the DUI charge, then you could find yourself in a situation of inadmissibility or removability. Since there are a litany of nuances related to “crimmigration” law, you are best advised to consult an attorney on this matter sooner rather than later. If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, I have included a link:  https://www.murthy.com/consultations/

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