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Hello all, 

 I have receieved 221(G) after attending H1B visa, as mentioned in 221(G) white papaer, I have submitted documents,  after few weeks, I received a mail from Consulate as below along with an attachment 


Dear Applicant,


Our records indicate that you appeared for an interview and were found ineligible for a Nonimmigrant visa under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).  Further details about the decision are in the attached document.


If you believe that you have additional evidence to demonstrate your eligibility to receive a nonimmigrant visa or believe that certain evidence was overlooked during your application please have your petitioner, or attorney/representative contact the USCIS office from where the petition was approved.


Details in attachment

Based on the documents you have submitted to us, and the information elicited in your interview
with an American Consular Officer, we are not able to issue you an H1B temporary work visa
because your petition is being sent back for revocation.

In accordance with the United States law and Department of State guidelines, action on your case
has been suspended, and the I-129 Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker filed on your behalf will
be returned to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with a
memorandum explaining the facts of your case as presented to us at the time of interview. The
U.S Embassy in New Delhi is no longer handling your case and will be unable to give you any
information on the status of your petition.

For your information, your visa was refused today under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and
Nationality Act (INA). Essentially, this section states that a visa cannot be issued to anyone
whose application does not appear to the Consular Officer to meet the requirements of the INA
or of the regulations there under.


My employer has confirmed that this is "Notice of Intent Revoke", my application has not been revoked yet.


My question :

1. Can I apply for transfer to a new company?,  If yes, what is the process & challenges.



Thanks, Amit

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