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I'm facing last name mismacth issue between the SSN and my Passport while applying for DL. This is how my name is in the Passport, Visa and I94.
Last/Surname: B C D (24 characters including space)
First/Given: A (7 characters)

When I applied for SSN, they couldnt fit my entier lastname and hence they split my last name and put a part of it as the middle name. This is how I have it in the SSN.
First Name:  A (7 characters)
Middle Name: B C (15 characters including space)
Last Name: D (8 characters)

Now when I applied for driving licence they couldnt validate my last name with the SSN. DMV is not accepting to keep the middle name as "B C" and last name as "D". They are asking to change the lastname in SSN to "B C D" which is not possible. 

I'm wondering what's the solution for this. Can any one please advise. 

Thanks in advance.




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