H1B visa approval with pending DUI case in chennai


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Hi Guys,

Please guide me as i just received a DUI on Aug 19th in California. I'm currently working on OPT and my employer has applied for H1B .I will be visiting India on Sep 29th for marriage and was planning to get it stamped .My court date is on Sep 21st wondering if i must plead guilty and close the case as i have seen many suggesting not to go for stamping with pending case ..!!

More over will the H1B be rejected DUI. This is my 1st offence and cop arrested me but didn't take me to jail . he took me to a place called 1st chance and told me to sleep and come to police station next day for finger prints and photos which i went . He was saying its not big its a misdemeanor and it will be ok as long as i dont get another DUI.

Please suggest what all must be taken along for stamping ..Any help is very useful

Thank you

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Hi Sriram,

I know a friend of mine who had same issue like a year ago. He didn't plead guilty but applied for diversion. I am not sure if there is an option for that in CA. But one I would advice is declare you have been arrested and let the counselor know about it. Because he did the same and they made him to take a medical evaluation test in India. On recieving he got his visa stamped and came back to US. Now he even got extention for 3 years. I can more details what he did after checkingwith him. But hope this helps to start with.

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