Job title changes and how it would impact current PWD


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My company agreed to file my GC under EB2 category and it is currently under Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) process. They decided to file the PWD when I was an RA 2 but now I am due for promotion coming January and my current title will change to Senior RA. I am aware that as long as my job duties/responsibilities falls in the same category I would not need a new PWD. Is that correct?

Furthermore, the next step in my career ladder (after the Senior RA) would be to become a Scientist I, which will have extra responsibilities and would require in-depth scientific research and vigor.

Will I then need to file a new PWD if they decide to promote me to a Scientist role or not? Also, will it be prudent to tell my attorney to file an standard PWD for Scientist I position based of my county right away and just hope that it'll get it approved once I am due for Scientist promotion in like 1.5 -2 years and then use it without delaying my GC process and starting it from scratch?

Will greatly appreciate your help on this. Thanks!

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