Came to India in mid 2019 on Reentry Permit. Could not return due COVID. DS-117 not approved

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Hi, my close friend had a big painful day last week when his and his wife's DS-117 application was not approved. He came to India in Mid 2019 and their Re-Entry Permits lapsed in June 2020. He is 66 yrs old and having chronic ailments since more than 15 years. They filed DS-117 application for getting SB-1 visa to return to USA, but it was not approved. In their DS-117, he had trully mentioned hisa 9 months of working in India as a online consultant from home only.

They have been maintaining our GCs for more than 17 years. IThough they frequently came to India, but  after getting Re-Entry permits every time. They have always been filing U.S Tax Returns. Own a residential plot  to construct their own house in USA. Maintaining Credit Cards, own bank account, U.S Driving Licenses, and their own leased accomodation in USA. In begining of this year , he got my Medicare Card also after completing the required minimum Quaterly Earnings. W.E.F 2022 begining, he is entiled for Social Security benefts. His both children are very young students and PERMAMNENT residents too. 

Does it mean that their GCs have been cancelled now? Whether his Social Security Pensions also will not be given to him? What are available options for them  now.

They are in traumatic situation. Because, if they dont go back,  their children will discontinue to stay there.

Secondly, just for my personal awareness, I will appreciate advice on "Whether U.S GC holders can never work in India (even for short term online consultancy offer got through Linkedin call). I am sure, 100s of GC holders might be working on transfer; after getting laid off ; for betterremunerative services, doing bunessess etc. Does Re-Entry Permit, do not satisfy the requirements/intewntions  of "not abundonning the U.S residency"?

Any advice (even partly) on their problems will be deeply appreciated.



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