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I had my interview  nov 2nd in hyderabad. 

Is this your first time H1 stamping or Extension?
Who is your employer?
Who is the Client?
can i have client letter and LCA
Can you please spell the Client Name?
what is your highest qualification
how do you know about this employer.
can you explain about project. 

They might be taken copy of LCA and client letter. After above questions my interview was done and asked to wait in lobby and other consular asked to come in a room for more questions.

They now ask the following questions:
Who is your employer?
Do you work for Client or Direct Employer?
Who is the Client?
What is the name of your husbend?
did your husbend apply for h1b, what is the status of that. 
What is the address of your Client location?
can you explain about project. 
who will use this project. 

after that they gave me back LCA,Client Letter and passport.then were informed that they are putting the case for administrative processing and once you get email put your passport in the dorpbox.

Could you please advise me what can i do in this situation.

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