Project Manager Title for a Prevailing Wage


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My company is planning to start my PERM application under the EB2 category. When they did the prevailing wage determination for a Project Manager title, the wage came out to be 1.5 times higher than what I earn. I don't think I'm underpaid as what I get is the current salary for my area (Northern California, San Mateo county). The company attorney mentioned that the DOL officer put my application under an Operations Manager title which caused the higher salary. They are also saying that even if we do another prevailing wage, this will re-happen as with the new system, they do not have a Product/Project Manager title.

I'm at a lost as this is something hard to believe. Do you think the attorney is doing something wrong? Do the application that they send asks for data from websites ( and they just validate?

Any help on this topic would really help.


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