URGENT: Need Info on H4 Visa stamping


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Hello All,

I need some information from you.

Here is my case,

I came to India on 28th April for vacation and got married on 6th May.

In between I lost my passport on 3rd May that has valid H1B visa stamp till Feb 2012.

Since my wife has already scheduled H4 (dependent visa interview) on 10th May at Hyderabad embassy, she went and got stamping done on said date.

As I lost my passport, I have applied for new passport and went to Kolkatta Embassy to get H1b stamping on 1st June.

But my visa was refused as my I129 petition is not amended with my client work location details. Visa Officer asked me to file amendment petition.

As guided by VO, I have filed Amendment petition and went for Visa Stamping to Kolkatta Embassy again on 2nd Aug and got the Visa Approved.

Question is, My wife got H4 visa stamping on Old Petition and I have got H1B stamping on New Petition.

So Does she need to appear for visa interview and get stamping again with New Petition or not required ???


Petition validity dates are same and nothing else is modified except that work location details were added under Part 5 Section of I129 form for new petition.

I really appreciate your valuable suggestions on this.



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