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  I am an Indian Citizen living in USA on H1B for last 13 years. After months of trying, I got stamping date in October 2023 in India. But because of a family emergency I have to travel to India earlier (may be by November/December,2022). I have till now rescheduled the stamping dates totally 3 times (1 initial + 2) in order to get an earlier stamping date.

Now if I try to reschedule in order to get an earlier stamping date, the VFS site is showing me the message "If you reschedule now, you have to pay fees again". So here are my questions:

1. How many times I am allowed to reschedule H1B stamping date in India? If I need an earlier date then October,2023 what should I do now? Do I need to pay the fees again and try to reschedule?

2. Can I try for emergency stamping date in India by providing the required documents?

3. Can I try for getting a stamping date in Canada/Mexico as a Third Country National? Since already I have a stamping date in India in October 2023, am I allowed to look for stamping dates in either Canada/Mexico as Third Country Nationals?

4. My priority date is current, and my lawyers are filing for 485(AOS). So, I want to be very cautious. But I need to travel to India as soon as I can.

Please let me know what the best solution is in this regard. Any suggestion is welcome.





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