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This is for the information of murthy.com readers..I converted my Eb3 to Eb2(same company) and I got my application approved. You can do so if 1. Your new job is at least 50% different than the position you had applied earlier and 2. You meet the job requirements (as 5 years + BS or MS as required by the position). You can count experience from the same employer in this case..No audits,No RFE's.just to let you know this option is available..

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Good to know that you could successfully file EB2. I have question. Do you have BS with 3 years or 4 years? I am thinking to take same approach as yours, however I have 3 degree from India. As per education evaluation report, it is equated to 'Bachelor degree of business administration'. I work in IT industry with 10 plus years of experience.

Would appreicate your suggestions.



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