F2 to F1 Visa interview experience at Vancouver, BC


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Hi everyone,

So I posted this question a month ago without a reply.

My interview was Aug 10. 

All went well and I was issued an F1 visa!

Total time spent at the consulate was about 2hrs.

Accreditation at the entrance (wait time was around 30mins) be 15mins early

1.Ensure you don't come with prohibited 🚭 items. I didn't even come with my phone!

2. Get your 2x2 passport photo ready.

3. DS160 with Vancouver as you location, I had to refill another one less than 48hrs to the interview date as I initially had Toronto as my location.

4. Get you I-20 ready as well.

5. You will be asked of your evidence of legal stay in Canada, get a copy of your TRV ready.

You will be admitted in without hassle.

Wait on the second queue(this time inside) for the first level checks was around 1hr,

You may be turned back to go make corrections if need be, so take time fill your DS-160 correctly, you maybe asked other questions too depending on your situation.

Note that is is not the actual interview as it will seem.

if everything looks good, you will be sent to the 20th floor for the interview.

At the 20th floor, you will join the third and final queue.

I was called to counter 4

Ten-printed..I tried to make the process fast and easy so as not to frustrate the officer. My pas were dry, applied pressure on the biometric device and placed mostly the tip of my fingers. It was easy.

My major worry for the interview was 👇👇👇

In my case I was worried because my wife was also a student, I had resigned from my work and have been in the US for 5months but I was lucky the interview went smooth.

Questions asked were 

1. Why are you going to the US.

2. You are unemployed, what were you doing before now.

3. Is your family in the US.

  4. Have you been to the US before?

5. How long have you been in the US 

My previous visa F2 was cancelled and F1 approved.

Key things to note..

once you are called proceed to the counter with a smile on your face.   

Be audible and relaxed.

If you can, strike a conversation. I told the officer that if he wants to visit Nigeria, we will issue him a visa and be good hosts, we both laughed it off...that worked well.   

Be honest and consistent.

Good luck

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