Visa stamping on a new employer different from DS160

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I am currently working for Employer X. My I-797A with Employer X is valid until 2024. My visa stamp expired on March 2022. I booked a visa appointment (drop-box) a couple of months ago for September 2022. My DS160 uses employer X's information. 

I have a new job offer and the H1B transfer is in process. The new job has a start date of November 7th, so that I can take a break in India.

Assuming that my H1B transfer gets approved before my India trip, I am planning to get my visa stamped with my new employer's information.



1. Since, my DS160 has my old employer's information, how can I update my DS-160 to reflect the new employer information? 

2. If I get my visa stamped using my new employer's information, I won't have any payslips. Is this going to be an issue? 

3. My visa interview is on September 29th and the start date with my new employer is on November 7th. Will this be an issue?

3. Are there any risks, I should know about in this scenario? 


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