H1b Non-profit Job change/ Lay off issues.


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Hi All, I need clarification on this, any answer is appreciated, Thanks.
I'm currently on lottery-picked h1b (cap-subject), and a non-profit company offered me a position that requires me to go under Cap-exempt h1b, so if I go under Cap-exempt h1b will future opportunities become difficult?  please clarify the following questions.
 1. Can I go back to cap-subject h1b in next 5yrs of my remaining h1b period?

 2. Will it be difficult in general to switch back to cap-subject?

 3. If there is a layoff and if I'm out of job on Cap-exempt h1b from NPO, will I need to go back to my home country immediately or will I have 30/60/90 days period to look for another job?

 4. if (Q.1) is true, 

          4.1  in case of a new job offer, I need to wait for h1b transfer to be approved and then I can make the shift.

          4.1  in case of layoff at NPO h1b job, I need to go back to my home country wait for h1b transfer to be approved before I come back to US?

5. If my I-140 is processed under the NPO h1b, will that be also a hassle in future when I try to shift jobs? be it another NPO or Profit organization.

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