Canada visa for h1 stamping


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I will put the reason as H1 stamping, What I am asking is that Is it okay to apply for Canadian visa without booking the H1 interview appointment with US Consulate in Canada. I want to get the visa first and then look for appointment. Is it safe to do? Anybody done that, Success/Rejection ?


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Hi swiss and chicago,

Thanks for reply,

Can you guys share what all documents you send with your application? The consulate website says whole lot of diff docs for people on H1 and for people on F1, I am right now on OPT, so technically on F1, but will be on H1 when traveling. If you dont like to share it here and would like to email then please send it to my email. listed on user profile.


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I am also in the same boat & planning for Detroit to have the canada visiting visa done by mid next month.

FYI.. Mine will also be a second visa (I got the first multiple entry one in 2007 and its expired).

Wondering if there is any difference in application process between getting it first time vs second time.

Apppreciate if you could sahare your experience.

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Thanks for your reply.

I have a question regarding proof of financial support during the canada visit:

wondering if there is any limit that is must to show to support our self as in my case I do not have any friends and relatives there in canada to support me.

(last time I showed 20K as proof of funds in my bank but not sure about the minimum limit that we need to stick to)

Appreciate all inputs.

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