EB3 to EB2 - PD not ported


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I have FEB2008 EB3 Labor & 140 approved. Hence last sept 2010 same employer filed another EB2 and 140 and both got approved. But the latest EB2 has new PD date SEP2010 and not carried my earlier FEB2008 PD Date.Both has same A number on I140 approval notice

My Employer said they requested to port the date but still the EB2 has new date.

Would you please know if anyone had similar issue? How can i get this fixed?

Thanks for your help & suggestions

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Mine is not ported but recent one is from different employer. Moreover i've two diff A#s in two 140s. It surprises me more that u've same A3 and same employer, still not ported...That relaxes me a bit that my earlier 140 might not have been revoked...I presume your lawyer sent request with evidences to port during newer filing ?

However the work around is to request for amendment of PD and that's again 30-45 days process which i'm following the same...But amendment being second option if your 485 is pending and earlier PD is current then u can request interfiling / consolidation of two 140's into your pending 485 citing "8 CFR 204.5(e) (e) Retention of section 203(b)(1), (2), or (3) priority date".

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