W-9 on a H1B

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I am a software developer working on a H-1B. Outside of work, I pursue my hobby which is acting (in film/theater). All of the acting projects I've done have been unpaid gigs - so all that has been perfectly fine and legal.

One recent gig requires me to fill out a W-9 even though I have established that I will be working as an unpaid (pro-bono) volunteer. The production company still requests a W9 from me since they want to have all information on file (their standard procedure). I read that less than $600, anyway the employer doesn't need to report it to the IRS (but that doesn't mean they won't).

Can I run into an immigration related issues because of this? The contract will say unpaid and I strictly will NOT be receiving ANY income from them. 

Sidenote: The production company is not a non-profit organization.

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