EB1 C eligibility for a manager on H1B with 3 months of employment break with green card sponsor company?

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I have worked for a multinational company A in India for 12 years (2010-2022). Company A sent me to US on L1B, as a developer in 2019 for 6 months. When I came back to India, I got promoted as a Manager on 2019. I have traveled to US (on L1B) again in Jan 2020 as a Manager and worked for 9 months (till Oct 2020) in US. I have returned back to India on Oct 2020 and served as a Manager in India till Mar 2022 (around 15 months). 

So for Company A, in total I have 9 months of prior (2020) experience as a Manager in US and recent (Nov 2020- Mar 2022) 15 months of experience as a Manager in India.

Company B (which has no relation with company A) has sponsored my H1B. I have resigned to Company A (as a Manager) on Mar 2022 and traveled to US on Mar 2022 to work for Company B.

After working for 1 month with Company B in US, Company A offered me a job (H1B Transfer) in US as Manager. If I join back Company A, I have below questions regarding my green card.

1. As I have 15 months (1+ year) of recent experience as a Manager in India for Company A and I am joining back as a Manager in US for company A. Can company A file EB1 C for me? 

2.  I have not transfer from India to US through Company A and I have employment gap of 1 to 2 months with Company A, even then I will be eligible for EB1 C through company A?

3. As I am changing company (H1B Transfer from company B to company A) with in 1 or 2 months, will this cause any queries while filing Green Card?

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