H1B renewal stamping with future I797 start date

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Hi all

I have current valid i797 that runs till August 2022. I also have a i797 renewal approved from August 2022 - to August 2025. I do not have any H1B stamp on my passport. Previous stamp was F1 which is expired. I am going for first time H1B stamping next week. My questions.

1) I completed my DS160 with the latest petition - which starts from August 2022. Since my current petition is also valid, will my visa stamp contain annotations for both petitions? (current and renewal). From searching online I have seen mixed responses to this. Sometimes the VO puts in both annotations, sometimes only the latest number.Can anyone who has gone through a similar situation share their experience.

2) If my visa ends up getting stamped and annotated with only the latest i797 petition, does this affect WHEN I can travel back to the US? According to USTravelDocs , "you cannot enter the U.S. earlier than 10 days prior to the start date listed on the I-797 unless you are already working on an H1B visa for the same petitioner."  I intend to travel back in June while my current petition is still valid. Will the exception to the 10 day rule apply in my situation? Or would I need to wait till August to travel back. Note: I do not have a prior H1B stamp, just COS when I started working.

3) Finally, there a number of recent posts on this forum, with folks who are in the same boat (future i797 start date), but I did not see any replies on their posts. Can anyone who has gone through this , share their visa and POE experiences? 


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