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My wife and I are naturalized and our two sons (17 and 13) derived citizenship through us. All four of us were in the US the past five years. We now want to apply for US passports (first time) for all of us. I have a few queries around documentation for my child who is 13 years old.

Can you please confirm that the following docs are sufficient for the passport application?
1. Cert of naturalization for the parents
2. marriage certificate  of parents --> did you have to provide any additional evidence that your child was in your legal custody?
3. Child's birth certificate
4. Evidence of admission --> did you just provide child's green card? Did you have to provide any other evidence e.g. copies of passport OR pieces of mail showing the child's address the same as yours?
5. Anything else?

Finally, can all four apply for passport (first time) together or is there a need for the child to wait for one of the parents to first get his/her passport before they can apply (since only the parents will certificate of naturalization)?

Thank you.

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