Cancel just 1 from family drop box Appointmnet

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I have a dropbox appointment scheduled for myself, spouse and daughter at Hyderabad, India on 30-June.  We have been in the USA since 2016.
Somehow we are not planning to take our daughter to India now. So I want to cancel my daughter's dropbox appointment now, and keep Myself and spouse dropbox appointments as it is.
How can I cancel 1 appointment out of 3?
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It could be considered as "no show" or might result in RFE since they would be expecting 3 passports and you changed your mind and will submit only 2, so, if you wish to use the same slot then if they ask for 3rd passport as part of RFE then please be prepared to make travel arrangements for your daughter to travel and attend dropbox/interview on requested date.

You may have to cancel all 3 & reschedule for 2 only and even then be prepared to identify how your dependent daughter is able to stay without parents in US.

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