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I have been working on H4EAD since the past few years and it expires in the next 6 months. And looking at the current H4+H4EAD processing timelines, there is a good chance I might not get the new EAD card before the current one expires which will affect my job. At this point, I wanted to discuss a few options with you.

1. Do the delays in current processing times apply for both H4 and H4 EAD or just the H4EAD? Reason I am asking is because I know there is a new rule which automatically approves H4EAD for 180 days, if my H4 is still valid. not sure if this applies to my case. Please advise. 

2. EB3 - GC-EAD: My wife's EB2 to EB3 downgrade has resulted in her EAD card approval and mine is still pending since the last several months. What are the chances of my EB3-GC-EAD getting approved in the next 6 months?
       a. Here I have a couple of more questions. In case my H4 EAD doesn't get approved before the current one expires, can I shift to use the EB3-GC-EAD to continue to work? (Assuming GC EAD is approved of course) How will this affect my wife? Can she continue on H1-b, while I move to EB3-GC-EAD? 
       b. We are expecting the EB2 GC's final action dates to become current in the next 2 months. In the event that they become current, USCIS is advising to request to *port* our application back to EB2 as there are more VISAS available in EB2. Now here I have more questions: Assuming the Eb2 dates become current and we request to port to Eb2 category, how will this affect my EB3-GC-EAD usability, in case I want to use it at the last minute?
and lastly, in case my Eb3-GC-EAD is approved soon and I decide to start using that instead, will this affect our Eb2 porting capability, in case the dates become current.

I know these are very complicated questions. But in short, I am looking for my best options which will let me continue to work without any gaps and how that will affect the Eb2 porting process as EB2 dates are more likely to be current soon.

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