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My dates are current on July visa Bulletin. I am appying AOS for me and my husand. I have my own H1 visa and I 140 (approved) My husband is also in H1b VISA and he has an I 140 approved as well.

Question is: After looking into lot of forums, I realized that A number which I am suppose dto enter on my 485 application is my I 140 A number. Now that being clear, what should I do with my husbands application. He is applying with me since his dates are not current yet. Shoudl I enter his A number on his I 485 application or shoudl I leave it blank or should I enter his F1-> EAD A#.

Please someone reply. I am confused and need to have this done by this month.

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"Can I raise SR and make Infopass appointment at the same time?"

Sure. If they are about the same thing, I would generally wait for the outcome of the SR to schedule and Infopass or have the appointment first, and then submit SR, but you can do them simultaneously.

"Also does raising a SR delay approval?"

Not that I am aware of. Unless you get the officers confused, and they start doing something they don't need to do (issuing RFEs or even FP notices), thus delaying your approval.

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This is what you should do. For your husband A number you should put his original A number ( if he has). When you are applying AOS one is primary and another is derivative.In your case your marriage certificate will prove the relation and he can get GC based on your spouse.His A number for his own 140 will not be issue.I hope this will clear your doubt.

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