Current PD, candidate outside of USA with EB2 I140 approved

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With employer X : I have (EB-2) I-140 approved with Priority date in 2012 which is current as of today.

EB category: EB2

PD date: Current

Candidate currently inside USA ? : No. I am outside of USA.


I am outside of USA for couple of years now. With PD date current, if same employer with whom I have I-140 approved want to offer me job again then how can this be done ? Are these two options for me ? or there are other ways and which is best ?

Option#1 Enter USA with H1-B stamped visa through embassy and after entering USA, employer file for I-1485 (AOS) to get Green-Card (GC).

(1) Employer file and gets H1-B approval. (2) I get H1-B visa stamped (3) Move to USA (4) Employer then file for AOS and I get GC.

Option#2 (I think this is possible) Employer directly files for I-485 (AOS) while I am still outside of USA, I get 6 months Immigrant visa from embassy and once I enter USA ...I get GC in mail.

I think in Option#2, it will take long to get I-485 approval...its lengthy process as I-485 cannot be expedited in normal situation unlike H1-B -- is it correct ?

Are there any other options ?

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