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I'm an Indian citizen on an H1-B visa(Currently in the USA), and my last H1-B visa stamped in my passport was from a different employer six years ago(prior to joining my current employer).

Now I’m planning to travel to India and look for the appointments, but while scheduling the appointments, it is asking a couple of questions related to the “Interview Waiver Program” to check whether I’m eligible for a dropbox appointment or not.

I have a question regarding below question. Can you please suggest how I should answer the below question?


Did your most recent application result in you being issued the visa? - What does it exactly mean? Should I answer YES or NO?

Few additional details: I was refused an H1-B visa in 2011 (ten years ago), but in 2015, I was granted an H1-B visa and moved to the United States. I didn't return to India after that, and my current I-797A USCIS petition (Extension) is valid until October 2023.

In the above question, when they say 'most recent application',

Is it a Visa that was issued in conjunction with the most recent I-797A USCIS petition? (OR) Is it referring to an old visa issued in conjunction with an old H1-B Visa/DS-160 application that was approved 6 years ago in Hyderabad, India?

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