H1-B Transfer unusual Scenario.

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I have been working for this Company (Direct Hire/Non-Consulting/H1B Employer Location) from October 2008 on H1B. Visa which was stamped in 2009 until September 2011. I extended my H1B for the second time last month and recently got it stamped until September 2014. I have my pay stubs from October 2008 - May 2011. Now I want to go to my home country for the months of June and July on an UNPAID Leave. (I wont have pay stubs for June and July 2011).

I want to come back to the US in August 2011, and immediately apply for a H1B transfer to a New Company. So, now will me not having the pay stubs for the months of June, and July 2011 be any problem for the Transfer?

What if the Unpaid leave is for a duration of over 3 months??

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