H1 Visa DropBox with H4 regular appointment - Marriage.


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It will be very helpful if someone gives me an answer. I have my drop box appointment on January 21st 2022 and my marriage is on January 27th 2022, My fiancé appointment is on Feb 2nd 2022.

So, when filling DS-160 for my Dropbox appointment (Jan 21st) i still need to fill my relationship status as : Single right.?

And when My fiancé going to her appointment (Feb 2nd) she need to fill relationship status as : Married.

Will there be any problem with discrepancies b/w statuses in both of our applications.?? Or will Counselor officer ask about this when my wife goes for the interview.?

Please reply with some suggestions and solutions.

Thanks in advance.

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At the time of your application, you're single which is right.
At the time of your spouse application, she's married, which is exactly what you need to insert.
Be prepared for any questions and show proof of wedding like photos, wedding invitations, marriage certificates etc. They know and understand but still verify due to security concerns if indeed yours is a genuine application or not.

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