H1B visa stamping between change of employers

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Hi,I work for employer A. My H1 is extended until June 2024. I have an offer from employer B. They have submitted my H1 petition(transfer) and I hope it to get approved in few days.

The visa stamp on passport is expired so when I travel to India next, I will need to get it stamped. 

Which one of the following scenarios would be best for me?

1. Can I travel while working for my current employer A and appear for a visa stamping interview/dropbox?

  • If I go for this option, should I apply for visa stamping using the current employer's approved H1 extension until mid 2024 or use the newly approved petition with employer B even while I am still working for my current employer A?

2. Can I quit my job and take a break before joining Employer B (stay unemployed for a certain time while on vacation in India). I can plan to start working for Employer B as soon as I am back from India.

  • Will it count towards the 60 days grace period even if I am not in the US during that time? 
  • Can I still apply for dropbox in this situation with Employer B's petition or do I need to give an interview for stamping?
3, Don't travel until I start working for  Employer B and then travel sometime next year.
I would ideally like to go for option 2 since a break before joining would be good. Thanks for letting me know which scenario would be better if I need to travel in a few days.
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