Looking for suggestion on Interfiling Versus Filing A New I-485 In Order To Switch Employment Categories

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I have my approved I-140 under EB2 category with a priority date of April 12th, 2012. In Dec 2020, my green card priority date was current under the EB3 category and filed my I-140 application (downgrade from EB2 to EB3) and AOS (I-485 based on downgrade). 
The I-140 application (downgrade from EB2 to EB3) is still not approved by USCIS and I did not receive EAD/AP as of today. But my biometric is completed in July, 2021 and I sent the I-693 medicals in Oct, 2021 (Before my EB3 date was retrogressed in Nov, 2021 visa bulletin) based on courtesy letter from USCIS (Not RFE). 
As per Dec 2021 Visa Bulletin, my priority date (April 12th, 2012) is now current for final action under EB2 category (May 1st 2012) and is retrogressed under EB3 category (Jan 15th 2012).  
Please suggest what should be my next course of action like "wait & watch for EB3 movement" or "interfile" or "file new AOS based on EB2" or "something else".   
Also does USCIS automatically adjudicate case as EB2 in my current scenario? 
Please let me know in case of any questions or concerns. 
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