Filing DS 160 for H4 VISA for fiancee/ future wife before getting legally married

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I am currently in the US on H1B (approved ) and planning to visit India to get H1B stamping. I am also engaged and would be getting married once I am back in India. Because of the current backlog of Visa Interview Dates, I would like to file DS 160 for both myself and my fiance. I know for sure by the time of the interview, we will be married and will have all necessary marriage-related documents. My questions are:


1) Since I am not legally married at the time of filing DS 160, what status should I give for myself and my fiance ( other ? married ? or single ?)

2) If I do single/other, do I need to generate new DS 160 after marriage and before the interview, to change the status from single.other - > married ?

3) If I do single/other, do I need to update UStraveldocs profile for both myself and my spouse, to make sure the new DS 160 files generated matches VISA interview letters?

4) If I do single/other in DS160 and change it before attending an interview, do I also need to mention that to the VISA officer at the time of interview? 

If this approach is not legal, Can I 

> submit DS 160 and pay fees for myself only as single, and schedule an interview date for now.

> After marriage and before attending the same interview, generate new DS 160 and add my spouse and pay for her fees, and ask her to accompany me to the interview date? 


I will greatly appreciate it if someone who went through similar circumstances can also comment and let me know it went in the end. I have tried to contact immigration attorney's and they just mentioned to give status based on 'the day of submission' and not 'the day of attending interview' but given current circumstances, I would prefer if my fiancee doesn't need to file DS 160 after marriage and possibly have to wait another century to get a date to interview and come to the US.  Thanks in advance.



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