Get an Appointment for F2 VISA using DS-160 Application ID

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1. Planning to get married in Dec 2021, India. Currently, on F-1, STEM-OPT, residing in USA at the moment. 

2. Wife will be my dependant and wish to get her F-2 done as I am on F-1 at the moment.

Objective: Want my wife to fly back with me on F-2 VISA (provided she gets the F-2 VISA)

Problem: Since not married at the moment, University can't generate her i20 which is required to submit her DS-160. Therefore, we don't have DS-160 confirmation no. which I think is required to book the appointment.

Question: Can I use the DS-160's Application ID in order to book a slot for her biometrics and VISA interview for a date post marriage ? 


1. Only when I am married and I send in the proof of marriage to the university, they will process her F-2 i20, which I can enter on the DS-160 and get the confirmation number. 

2. ^^^^ The above is not a problem, I just want to book her VISA slot in advance so that, the moment I have the DS-160 submitted, I ideally want to take her for the VISA interview in that week. 

Saw this post, but it has been a while since 2014, so I wanted to confirm.


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