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My wife attended her H4 visa interview on September 13th, 2021, She carried my new company approved 1797 petition along with my
visa stamp which is still valid for another two years but it has my old employer name, She got 221g informing her additional revie
regarding my employment is required, Today she got the email saying that my 1797 petition submitted is revoked during her interview
lime, I moved to new company in April and I got the 1797 transfer approval notice in May. My wife submitted the same approved 1797
petition at the time of interview.
When I checked in uses with my new 1797 receipt number I see it changed from Approved to "correspondence was received and uscis
is reviewing it after approval", This is very surprising to me because I already got my approval package but then it changed to above
stalus, Did anyone experienced this situation ? Also currently I'm in India for my wedding(came in August), will it impact my return to
Us ?
Any replies are greatly appreciated,

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