I 539 Rejected due to incorrect payment - But correct payment was deducted from account.


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Need to extend my mother's stay on medical grounds.  I 94 expiry = Aug 14th 2021.  Extension filed: July 12th 2021.   Rejection received: August 22nd 2021. 

Reason:  Payment received is incorrect or not received.  Please review form instructions for fee information. 

BUT - The amount  $455 [370 + 85] was deducted from my account on July 12th. I paid using electronic check online. 

Green Page was attached stating: 

"We have rejected your benefit request for the reasons indicated on I-797C ,. Your rejected benefit request will not retain a filing date. you may resubmit your benefit request as a new filing if you are able to correct the issue that caused the rejection....  if you do file the benefit request again, please note: 

1. Since your submission was rejected,  It is not yet considered properly filed. 

2. You must meet all requirements as of the date of the new filing . 


Please , can someone advise? 

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