File Supplement J proactively or wait for RFE ?

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I'm moving to a new employer after completing 180+ days of pending AOS.
Upon asking to file supplement J, below is what the new employer's attorney has to say. 
Please let me know your thoughts..
Will it be a problem waiting for filing 485 J? Also, could this delay the adjudication of 485?
Pasting response from the attorney of new employer -
Please note that we typically do not submit the J Supplement proactively since whenever a document is submitted to USCIS without a filing fee (which is not required for the J Supplement) or as a response to a Request for Evidence (RFE), USCIS seems to have a difficult time matching the documents with the pending application and returns them. 
So, we typically wait for the RFE or the interview notice to submit the J Supplement. And I do not foresee any issues with being able to submit the supplement later when requested. 


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