H4 approval Pending but Spouse's previous employer revoked H1 !!

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I need help understanding my current situation. My husband is on H1B and I am on dependent H4 Visa.

My husband was working for Company A and joined a new Company B in May 2021.

Here are the important dates.

Feb 2019   Last Entry into USA
Mar 2021   Validity of H4 (Based on stamp on passport when visited India last time)

Oct 2020   Company A filed for Extension for H1 & H4. H1B extension approved (was done in Premium) but H4 is still pending

Apr 2021   Company B applies for H1 Transfer & H4. H1B transfer approved (was done in Premium) but H4 is still pending 

May 2021   Company A sent revocation petition to USCIS after husband left job.
June 2021   USCIS revokes H1B issued by Company A.

As of today, I have 2 pending H4 petitions - One filed by Company A in Oct 2020 and second field by Company B in Apr 2021.

Here are my queries.

1. Now that Company A H1 is revoked before H4 gets approved, what are the chances of my Company A H4 to get Approval or RFE or Rejection?

2. In the event of first H4 rejection (which is most likely outcome), there is an obvious gap between Mar 2021 to Apr 2021.
 - Would I have to leave country immediately?
 - Does it mean in any way that I didn't maintain legal status throughout?
 - Starting which date I would starts accumulating out of status days? Would it be Mar 2021 or from the date when we receive H4 rejection notice? I am aware that if one overstays more than 6 months out of status, he/she cannot enter into USA for 3 years?

3. Would it be better if I leave country now (before Sep 2021) and go to India/Canada/Mexico to get H4 stamped based on H1 and come back? If I come back and we get pending petition denial after that, what is the impact?

Thanks in advance.

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