Job Change Info after I140 Approval

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As all aware of the visa bulletin forward movement for EB-2 India from last few months.

Looks like till oct-2021 all dates become currents as per all blog and YouTube channel prediction. 

I have I140 approved with my Employer A before 15-17 months with Jul-2019 PD. now I want to change job. my new Employer B wants to join me asap. but I want to think to stay with my current employer A till Oct 2021 visa bulletin comes out.

Case 1 ) if my PD becomes current I can file my I-485 with my Employer A. and then after 1 month, I join Employer B. 

1) What next if my I-485 is still pending and I change job, my filled I-485 still valid?

2) My employer A, revoke my I-485? if revoke what next option?

3) Is there any premium processing for I-485?

Case 2) If my PD does not become current till the end of Oct 2021 then I immediately move to My new employer B.

1) If my new employer B starts my GC process, give me approx. process time for new I-140 approved with premium and normal processing 

Case 3) If I move right now to employer B, and till Oct 2021, My PD become current

1)  can I file my I-485 with a new employer B under portability law? 

Case 4) If my H1b Transfer approved,

1) Can I ask my new employer B to wait till oct-2021 so anything comes up till Oct 2021, I take that benefit. how long my new H1B transfer valid without joining.


Please provide your response to the case and question-wise.


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